Restoration of historical memory

Restoration of historical memory

Restitution of the Ukrainian pro-European identity into the informational, educational, and scientific space is the strategic goal of IRC “Legal Space”. We direct our efforts to protect the cultural heritage on the territory of Kherson region and Ukraine as well as to help the local authorities in development of the infrastructure around the cultural heritage monuments. In the focus of our attention there are two objects of the cultural heritage of the national importance – the Watchtower (Vitautas` Tower) and the Fortress of Tiahyn. The medieval monuments are closely connected to the common history of Ukraine and Lithuania and the establishment of legal culture in Ukraine through the Lithuanian Statutes.

The advocacy campaign to protect the medieval Watchtower (Vitautas` Tower), Platform “The Safe City” and development of safe public spaces, safety of public activists, project “Sheriffs of New Communities”, informational and promotional campaigns of the Public Budget of Kherson city are the successful cases of IRC “Legal Space” activity. The history of the organization dates back to 2009 and nowadays we have ides, strengths, experience, and inspiration so that we can work in the sake of the society at the high expert level.

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