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Since the occupation of part of the Ukrainian territory, there is still no platform where you can find official data on the state of realization of the right to education and the educational needs of the inhabitants of the occupied Crimea. All monitoring studies are carried out exclusively by public organizations and do not have a systematic form.

Відсутність державного моніторингу призводить до неврахування в освітній політиці освітніх потреб мешканців, які перебувають на тимчасово окупованих територіях (далі ТОТ), а саме:
потребу в адаптації тестових завдань зовнішнього незалежного оцінювання (далі ЗНО) та програм вступних іспитів до закладів вищої освіти (далі ЗВО) з урахуванням стандартів та програм, за якими навчаються мешканці ТОТ;

  • the need to develop individual educational programs (trajectories) for those who study by distance or external form of education;
  • the need to create a single educational platform that will enable future entrants from TOT to be competitive when entering the Free Economic Zone;
  • forecasting “flows” during admission in accordance with the geography of admission, areas of selected specialties and educational qualifications, etc.

Despite the fact that the prolonged armed aggression and occupation of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea and Sevastopol limits the ability of the state of Ukraine to guarantee the constitutional right to education in the temporarily occupied territories, it does not relieve the state of its obligations to ensure access to education for all Ukrainians.

In addition, the UN Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights identifies four main features of the right to education: availability, accessibility (non-discrimination, physical and economic accessibility), acceptability and adaptability of education.

The lack of state monitoring does not take into account in the educational policy the educational needs of residents in the temporarily occupied territories (hereinafter TOT), namely: the need to adapt test tasks of external independent assessment (hereinafter EIT) and entrance exam programs to higher education institutions. ) taking into account the standards and programs according to which the residents of TOT study;

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